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Weavertown Terrace Lebanon, PA.

Vasquez Apartments Montclair, NJ.

Vasquez Apartments Montclair, NJ.

Nyendak Apartments
Newark, NJ.

Lobsang Apartments
Newark, NJ.

Kathryn Commons
Milburn, NJ.

New Darlington Apts,
Summit, NJ.

Bermudez Apartments
Jersey City, NJ.

Wangdu Apartments

Jersey City, NJ.

wangdu apartments,   gifford

Wangdu Apartments
Jersey City, NJ.

Elmwood Properties
Irvington, NJ.

vaquez walnut  & 83rd

Pineda Apartments
Elizabeth, NJ.



368 Broad Street  Newark, New Jersey 07104  Tel. (973) 624-6000   E-mail:

Rock Properties is a full-service hands-on property management company
The company manages properties in:

Newark, New Jersey  •  Millburn, New Jersey  •  Elizabeth, New Jersey  • Jersey City, New Jersey
New Jersey  •  Montclair, New Jersey  •  Summit, New Jersey 
• Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Rock Properties can provide the personal attention to your building that will insure its quality is enhanced. By conducting itself in the most professional manner, relationships with the property owner, tenants, building staff, vendors, and local authorities are guaranteed to be a success.
Among the range of services offered to owners are rent collections, marketing and rental, building upgrades, budgeting, bill paying,
monthly Income and Expense reporting, court appearances, violation removal, and employee hiring and supervision.
All back-office operations are fully computerized.

Please contact us via phone, or e-mail to discuss your property's needs.